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Did you know that chicken is eaten at least once a week by 67% of consumers?* With the demand for poultry products on menus as high as ever, it’s essential that your offering caters for this. From chicken breasts and thighs to whole birds, Red Tractor accredited to British, our Farmstead poultry range has everything you need.

Poultry is an extremely versatile product and can be used for majority of meal occasions, from main courses, through to buffets

Using chicken as an example, it can be divided into a number of different cuts. Some of these cuts may be similar so we’ve outlined some of the key differences between these below:

Fillet vs. supreme:

The humble chicken breast is one of the most popular cuts from a chicken. However, a chicken supreme is also full of flavour and can make a great alternative. The addition of the bone can make a supreme more succulent as it conducts the heat whilst cooking rather than drawing out all of the moisture. A fillet is boneless and typically skinless. This highly versatile product can be cooked in a variety of ways, including poached, roasted and pan fried. A supreme is still a chicken fillet, although it typically still has the skin in. The pin bone is still on the product so can provide greater plate coverage whilst maintaining versatility.

2 bone vs. 3 bone wings:

Chicken wings are fantastic for adding your own glazes and marinades to as they easily absorb the flavour. They come in two options; 2 bone or 3 bone. A two bone wing consists of mid and prime and is generally a better quality product. They are slightly smaller in size compared to the three bone wing. A three bone wing still consists of the mid and prime but also includes the wing tip. Despite being slightly larger in size, they are generally a lower price than the two bone wings.

Perfect poultry recipes:

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