Farmstead pork

Our fresh pork

Pork holds a place on most menus, from breakfast right through to dinner. Our range includes bacon, sausages, gammon and larger roasting joints, ensuring we’ve got every meal occasion covered.

Pork cooking times


  • Medium 30 mins per 450g plus 30 mins 75°C – 80°C (170-175°F)
  • Well done 35 mins per 450g plus 35 mins 80-85°C (170-175°F)

Pot roasting:

  • 30-35 mins per 450g plus 30-35 mins gas mark 4-5 (180°C-190°C, 350°F-375°F)

Stewing, braising and casseroling:

  • Chops, steaks, cubes, liver, kidney 1-1.5 hours
  • Belly 1.5-2.5 hours


Buying sausages

We offer a range of fresh and frozen sausages in a variety of flavours and sizes. The traditional sizing system for sausages relates to the number per pound in weight. The lower the number, the larger the sausage.

Meat content:

The quality and price of a sausage is largely determined by meat content:

• A pork sausage must contain at least 42% pork meat
• An economy sausage will contain between 30-40% meat (doesn’t have to all be pork meat)
• A better quality butchers style sausage tends to be 60-70% meat
• Premium has 75% or more meat content, some contain 85%+ meat content with provenance e.g. named breed, outdoor reared
• A very high meat content can sometimes make a sausage too dense or too dry

Sausage flavours:

Lincolnshire – a distinctive variety of pork sausage commonly dominated by the herb sage

Cumberland – the meat is pork and seasonings are prepared from a variety of herbs & spices but the flavour palette is commonly dominated by black and white pepper

Perfect pork recipes:

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