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Our Catering Supplies range covers three main areas of hygiene, disposables and equipment. Our aim is to ensure we have everything you need and to make it easy for you to choose the right products for your establishment ensuring a broad choice of products for your kitchen.


Helping you run a safe and hygienic operation is a top priority. To ensure we support you with good hygiene factors we have a range that covers kitchen hygiene, housekeeping hygiene and general hygiene. We have a broad range and work with expert partners to provide the best solutions for you.

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Our catering disposables range covers all product areas for drinks and food-to-go packaging, disposable film, foil and food preparation, and disposable tableware. Designed for one-off use, every product in the disposables range needs to be fit for purpose as well as recyclable options so we can help you to do your bit for the environment.

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Our equipment range covers all product areas for the preparation, cooking, and storing of food and drink plus solutions to help with important regulations such as Natasha’s Law. We also have solutions for chef clothing, footwear and hats to ensure staff protection plus our range of essential products ensures we can meet any budget requirements to support your business.


Our promise

What makes us different? We boast extensive good quality products from all your favourite suppliers and if there is something you can’t find then we will work with you to find alternative products suited to your individual needs. To help you even more all of our disposable and hygiene products can be delivered with your food orders, reducing deliveries and time, making your life that bit easier.

We love helping you and our experienced team are passionate, knowledgeable and will invest time understanding your business so we can work together to deliver the best results for you and your customers.

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