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Building the confidence of your staff is the first step to selling better wine, more profitably

ViVAS training


At ViVAS we have access to a top team of wine and spirits geeks who are also learning and development professionals. Their philosophy is simple: making wine fun, easy to understand and accessible to everyone. The trainers understand the best way to help people learn about wine and spirits and, more importantly, how to sell them. Whether you’re after WSET qualifications or just need some simple pointers on how to sell and describe wine, ensuring all training programmes are engaging, relevant and commercial.


Why training matters

  • Training builds confidence to sell, which in turn boosts sales.
  • Confident staff will promote your wine range and convey passion and expertise to your customers.
  • Investing in your team and their development helps reduce staff turnover.
  • Ongoing training programmes keep people interested and ensure new starters begin learning straight away.


What’s on offer

Every business’ training needs are different so we will work with you to devise a programme that is right for you. We also have access to regular workshops and formal courses throughout the year.

Wine foundation

A one day workshop covering all the basics including tasting and describing wine, selling skills, and food and wine pairing.

Trade toolkit

A half-day session focusing on the commercial aspects of selling wine such as how to train others, running effective promotions, merchandising, and the latest market insights.

WSET wine & spirits (level 2 & level 3)

Industry-recognised courses for those who require a more formal certification.

WSET spirits level 1

The best introduction to understanding and selling spirits.


Six tips for running great wine training sessions

  1. Little and often – don’t overwhelm staff with too much information; run regular sessions and keep building knowledge and confidence.
  2. Timing is everything – people need to be relaxed and alert to learn; avoid training when people are tired or busy as they will be easily distracted.
  3. Don’t taste everything at once – never taste more than six to eight wines in one session. In fact, two or three is often the ideal number as people will be able to remember more.
  4. Open the bottles (and eat some food) – context is everything; if your staff try a wine with an appropriate dish from your menu, they are more likely to be able to recommend it to your customers.
  5. Keep it relevant – only train people that need to know about wine and who work with it every day.
  6. Sell, sell, sell – remember the real purpose of the session and ensure trainees leave knowing how to sell each wine.
Knowing your customer

Market insights


Our sister company Bibendum’s market insights team are equipped with a unique range of tools to understand trends affecting the UK’s drinkers across all channels and all categories.

They take an actionable, future-focused approach to insights and place wine in the context of total leisure spend and changing consumer behaviour. In order to do this, they have developed 8 unique consumer portraits that segment the UK drinks market. These portraits combine census-based demographic data, from industry leading provider CACI, and drinks consumption data from our unique in-house research.

Almost every postcode district in the UK can be demographically profiled into these portraits to help you identify precisely who is drinking in your area and driving spend in your business. This information will help you optimise your range to fit your customers and activate it effectively.


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