Beer and cider



Beer is the oldest and most widely consumed alcoholic drink and the third most popular drink overall behind water and tea! Beer is produced in a process called brewing which involves the fermentation of sugars mainly from malted barley.  There are many different types of beers available produced in different methods and hops.



Cider is closely linked into the beer category but is produced by fermenting apples, again there are many different variants and styles ranging from traditional scrumpy ciders to some of the new modern imported fruit ciders. Unity Wines have a good range that have been handpicked from a multitude of suppliers across Europe.


Food and beer pairing

The food and beer matching movement is gathering real pace thanks to the craft beer explosion and some maverick thinking in the industry. A new market of quality artisan products all crammed with layers of flavour has struck a chord with the UK market. Beer is not only as fine as wine, it can often handle just as much when it comes to the dinner table.


Here is a simple guide to help you pick out the correct beer to match your food:


Perfect with salads / seafood / asian

Wheat beer

salads / asian / vegetarian

Pale ale

pork / spicy / steak


pork / Asian /Spicy

India pale ale

Indian / burger / steak

Red/brown ale

cheese / lamb /pork


sausage / roast / steak


roasts / smoked / BBQ


smoked / BBQ / sausage


The perfect bottle fridge

A. Growth shelf

Use this shelf for high margin products to attract image conscious drinkers

B. Volume shelf

More established customer base and lower selling price, means customers are more likely to hunt them out

C. Function shelf

The customer looking for an alternative drink will search high and low for their drink choice

• Keep it simple – clear blocks make it easier for customers to find what they want.

• Utilise the top shelf and back bar displays to sell your most profitable lines.

• It takes 8hrs to chill a bottle of beer – ensure you have space for top selling lines.

• Stock products that compliment your draught range.

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