Red Tractor cheese

  • Milk is sourced from family run farms in Northern Ireland, with average herd sizes of 75 cows.

  • Farms are rurally based, free from pollution.

  • Cows are predominantly Holstein, Friesian, Ayrshire and Jersey breeds.

  • All of the milk used in our cheese is from Red Tractor herds, with a premium paid to the farmers for this.

  • Once made, the cheese goes into maturation stores.

  • It is then graded according to the required specifications and taste, from 6 weeks onwards depending on the flavour profile.

  • The maturation grooms goes to 24 months and beyond.

  • Our supplier’s credentials are backed up by 27 cheese awards, from prestigious bodies such as “Great Taste”.

  • Our cheese makers have 100 years experience, and use a mixture of traditional and modern methods.

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