Free range eggs

  • Our free range eggs come from a number of farms across the UK, meaning we can sustainably deliver to all our sites.

  • All free range birds have the option to be outside. This allows the birds to live more naturally, and to perform their ordinary behaviours such as foraging and dust-bathing.

  • The houses are regularly checked to ensure hen health and welfare is at a normal level. Waste is cleared frequently by an automatic system providing optimal conditions for the hens.

  • Eggs are collected from the farms, either by hand or by a conveyor belt, and sent to the sites for grading and packing.

  • All our eggs are British and are marked with the British Lion stamp, ensuring traceability and quality.

  • The British Lion stamp indicates that the eggs are British, the hen has been vaccinated against salmonella and the farm adheres to strict health and safety requirements.

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