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Our Telesales teams are some of the friendliest people you could ever meet, which is why our customers love them! Meet Michelle, one of our fantastic Telesales Executives working out of our Birmingham depot in Cannock.

Meet Michelle…

Hi, I’m Michelle from Birmingham depot. I’ve worked for Bidfood for 10 years now.

After working in foodservice for many years in roles like cook and cleaner, to name a few, I decided a change was needed. My sister had been saying for years why didn’t I try sales? But I wasn’t sure if an office environment was for me.

I decided to see what was out there and it wasn’t long before I spotted an interesting job that wanted someone with hands-on experience and a background in food, so I thought… Go for it!

I was so nervous on the morning of the interview. I was told part of it would be to sell a product – scampi to be precise. In the lead up to the interview I scoured the internet and bought a memo board (a big one!). I found as much info on scampi as I could and made a features and benefits board.

The two lovely ladies that interviewed me were my line manager and team leader. They made me feel really comfortable. They loved my memo board idea and even though I was competing against university graduates and people with management experience, I was really pleased to be given the opportunity.

My role consists of calling the customers on my ledger and taking their order in a professional manner whilst selling goods into them to enhance their account. I also take incoming calls and do exactly the same.

Ten years on I’m still here, I’m a very passionate teleseller and I still scream when I get a really good sale! Over the years I’ve won many sales prizes including vouchers, a TV, meat hampers and more. I’ve also been carrying out a ‘champion’ role for a while for the frozen pillar, which sees me putting together prices and deals on colourful flyers for the team and creating little quizzes to help improve our product knowledge.

This office is very much like a family. When the chips are down, we’re always there to help each other and are proud to be known as one of the most fun (and noisy) depots! I really believe these qualities make us one of the best.

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