Nuii Ice Cream Adventure

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When did you last satisfy your customers appetite for adventure? A lot of us dream of exploring exotic lands and immersing ourselves in an unfamiliar culture. With NUII everyone has the whole world to explore – right in the palm of their hand.


In pursuit of flavour

Every hero ingredient we source for NUII is carefully picked to evoke a strong emotion. A feeling of adventure and discovery. What are the sights, sounds, tastes, scents that surround a destination? Does that location suggest purity, mystery, relaxation, freedom or even rebellion?

Supported with over £3.9 million advertising and two TV adverts during 2022, this year will be the biggest adventure yet.

Made with real cream

Suitable for vegetarians

No palm oil

Sustainable sticks

New York Cookies & Cream

We take New York cookies and swirl them into our delicious cream ice cream, then we cover it in a thick milk chocolate coating and add even more cookie pieces. Are your customers ready to explore the urban jungle?

New York is alive with energy from morning until night. It’s a melting pot of culture with each area celebrating its own unique quirks, from the neon-lit buzz of Broadway to the cool, green, calm of Central Park.

Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia

Iconic koalas, kangaroos and ravishing landscapes, Australia offers the perfect setting for the impressive macadamia tree.

This sun‐soaked country produces macadamia nuts with a delicate buttery flavour and a velvety crunch. Slightly roasted, they are frequently referred to as the ‘queen of the nuts’. They have found a home away from home as delicious brittle in our milk chocolate coupled with a rich salted caramel sauce swirled in our creamy vanilla ice cream. A taste that’s worth exploring.

Coconut & Indian Mango

India is known as a spiritual, botanical and culinary place and it is the homeland of the Alphonso Mango – which is often referred to as the “King of Mangos”.

We take this velvety smooth mango and mix it with passion fruit to create a fruity sorbet that we fold into a creamy coconut ice cream. We cover it all in white chocolate and coconut flakes to deliver multi-layered freshness and an exotic touch.

Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint

Nestled amongst calm lakes and grand mountains are the tranquil valleys of Idaho. The picturesque landscape provides the ideal conditions for growing mint with an uplifting fresh scent.

Each bite delivers a smooth & refreshing mint flavoured ice cream combined with delicious chocolate cookies and covered with milk chocolate and even more indulgent cookie pieces. A trail through the valleys will take your breath away.

Protecting the world’s wildest places

Each year NUII is committed to supporting biodiversity projects in wild places where we can make a real difference to the lives of people, wildlife and the environment. We do this because wild places are a huge source of inspiration for us and it’s important to us that we give back in some way. We have chosen as our partner to help us on our journey.

The Nuii Peace Project in Nambia

There are only 150-200 desert dwelling elephants left in Namibia, making them critically endangered. Both the elephants and the local community are in need of water to survive, this can result in human-elephant conflict.

Our NUII P.E.A.C.E project (People & Elephants Amicably Co-Existing) will enable communities to learn about how to stay safe around elephants by building an elephant conservation education centre run by Elephant Human Relations Aid. Here schools, communities, elephant guards and field guides can learn all about elephant behaviour and how to protect themselves and their livelihoods during an encounter.

We are also installing 40 x solar water pumps to increase free access to water for both the community and the elephants.

21433 Nuii New York Cookies & Cream

Delicious cream ice cream and cream ice cream swirled with chocolate flavoured cookie crumble from New York (5.5%), covered with milk chocolate (32%) with chocolate flavoured cookie crumble from New York (6%).

51274 Nuii Salted Caramel & Australian Macadamia

Vanilla dairy ice cream swirled with salted caramel sauce (5.5%), covered with milk chocolate (32%) and caramelised Australian macadamia nut pieces.

63272 Nuii Coconut & Indian Mango

Coconut dairy ice cream swirled with Indian mango and passion fruit sorbet (25%), covered with white chocolate (30%) with coconut chips coated in coconut sugar (3%) and caramelised coconut flakes (1%).

51272 Nuii Cookies & Idaho Valley Mint

Delicious mint dairy ice cream with cocoa biscuit pieces (5.5%) covered with milk chocolate (36%) with cocoa biscuit pieces (4.5%).

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