Nestlé® Cereals

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Now available, Nestlé® Cereals NEW Box Bowls.

Box Bowls is a convenient single-serve portion of cereal in an innovative new cube-shaped box.

The unique format provide a full portion and lets consumers eat cereal straight from the box; they just need to add milk to the bag in the box. This flexible, portable format makes Box Bowls right for all channels; it is perfect for pupils, university students and patients alike.

The innovative packaging has also been designed with the environment in mind: the cartons can be widely recycled and the bag can be recycled with plastics.

Available in three formats:

5x6 selection packs

Includes Shredded Wheat® Bite Size, Original Shreddies®, Frosted Shreddies®, Multigrain Cheerios®, Honey Cheerios® and Nesquik®

30 x 30g Multigrain Cheerios®

30 x 40g Original Shreddies®

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