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The Napolina brand was established in Italy and launched in the UK in 1965

More than 50 years on, we are the UK’s Number One Italian cooking brand with 72% brand awareness*.

With our roots entwined in Italy, it’s no surprise that our inherent passion for Italian cuisine stretches across our entire range of products. From an extensive range of pulses to chopped tomatoes and olive oil, we have lots of ingredients for you to choose from, all featuring our trademark quality and flavour.

*Lightspeed Brand Health November 2019

Pulses have long been a staple part of the Italian diet

Napolina’s pulses are carefully selected before being rigorously checked to ensure that only the best of the crop are chosen.

This attention to detail means that every soup, salad or sauce you prepare with our pulses will be bursting with flavour.

Many of our canned beans and pulses are high in protein and are naturally low in fat, sugar and salt. All of the Napolina pulses range count towards your 5-a-day, and are convenient as they are ready to use as they do not require soaking or pre-cooking unlike dried pulses.

Some of our best sellers include our range of pulses which include Chick Peas, Butter Beans, Red Kidney Beans, Cannellini Beans, Lentils and Borlotti Beans, all of which are commonly used in Mediterranean style cooking. Napolina also offers Five Bean Salad and a Spicy Bean Salad in a ready to eat dressing for quick and easy meal solutions.

Italians are hugely passionate about cooking and when it comes to the country’s cuisine, so are we. Eat well and bring the taste of Italy into your life with dishes that are bursting with colour and packed with flavour.


We’ve put together some of our most popular Italian dishes for you to try.

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