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Motivated by taste and inspired by dairy goodness

Take a look at our delicious Müller yogurts and desserts


Britain’s biggest selling yogurt range* which includes category favourites Müller Corner and Müllerlight*, has achieved a 13.5% reduction in total sugar*, equalling 1759 tonnes, since 2015. The reduction across
Müller’s yogurt portfolio is substantially ahead of Public Health England’s voluntary guidelines which sought a 5% lowering of total sugar by August 2017*.


We create products that are inspired by dairy goodness and motivated by taste. Through reformulation, new portion sizes and new products, all made possible by unprecedented investment in our capabilities,
our products continue to offer moments of pleasure and no compromise on taste.



With our ongoing sugar reduction strategy, Müller have partnerships with world class sport including British Athletics*, exciting innovation and have big plans to grow the yogurt category even further.

Delicious Müllerlight recipes

Take a look at some tasty dessert recipes using the Müllerlight range, made in Shropshire in the heart of Britain, using fresh Müller milk from Red Tractor assured British Farms…. Enjoy !!

*Kantar Worldpanel 2017 UK Brand Footprint ranking / *Total sugar SWA per 100g, less 3.8g lactose allowance per 100g (based on Kantar volume data) / *Official Yogurt as Proud Sponsor of British Athletics

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page has been provided directly by Müller and is in no way related to Bidfood UK.

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