As one of the best performing sectors in soft drinks, the total energy drinks sector continues to grow in both value and volume, and is now worth more than £1.2billion in GB[1]. Monster is a driving force in energy, and has delivered more than half of the sector’s £140.7million growth over the last two years[2]. The energy sector has remained robust through the coronavirus outbreak – against this backdrop the energy category has fared well, up 3.4% year on year[3].  CCEP’s value and value share of the energy segment has continued to grow throughout lockdown[4].

Traditional energy drinks and stimulant ingredients like caffeine remain the most popular, for example our best-selling SKU is our classic Monster Green variant, which remains incredibly popular with our loyal fan base. The brand has continued to engage its loyal following across its social and digital channels with dynamic extreme sport and music content as well as special and supportive messages from Monster athletes.

Health and wellness is front of mind for many consumers, with many reviewing their lifestyle choices recently[5]. More people are making simple changes such as reducing their sugar intake, meaning a selection of low-sugar energy drinks is more important than ever. We are seeing a growing demand for our sugar-free and calorie-free variants, championed by our Monster Ultra White. Consumers continue to be conscious of their calorie intake and sugar content continues to be a factor influencing buying decisions. Our zero-sugar Monster Ultra range is number one in the zero sugar energy segment, worth more than £70m and in growth by 20% .

Flavoured energy drinks have grown by over £24million in GB with consumers stating that taste is the main factor when buying an energy drink. This demonstrates that the consumer demand for flavours is there, and enables retailers to tap into new audiences. The Monster Juiced range has gone from strength to strength since launching in 2018, delivering against demand for exotic flavours in the category. Exotic flavours such as Monster Ripper, appeal to existing energy drinkers whilst also recruiting new consumers into the segment.

Traditional fans of Monster are extreme sports and gaming enthusiasts with a bias towards young adult males.  However, with the introduction of more zero sugar options & delicious flavours, the brand has broadened its consumer base thanks to the choice it offers.

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