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Hi, we’re Popchips

We’re a different kind of snack for a different kind of snacker. We believe better for you doesn’t have to be boring. We‘re popped not fried, big on flavour, big on crunch.

We celebrate a positive, vibrant and colourful approach to life, feeling good on the inside and awesome on the outside.

Grab a handful and live life to the full, because life is what you make of it.

So why not make it pop?

New Popchips Veg Vibes

We know a snack should taste great and be made of the good stuff. That’s why we bring you a plant-based snack that’s crunchy and big on flavour. We’ve used banging flavours with chickpea, rice & sweet potato and popped (not fried!) them to make these deeply satisfying, yet light and crunchy snacks.

This is a no fry zone

Boiling in oil used to be something you did to your enemies, but crisp makers do it to potatoes. We pop not fry for a tasty little light & crunchy number. Just 97 calories per 23g of popchips.

Our Popchips range available from Bidfood

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Popchips Sour Cream & Onion

Bidfood code: 76049

Popchips Sea Salt

Bidfood code: 76047

Popchips Barbecue

Bidfood code: 74845

Popchips Sea Salt & Vinegar

Bidfood code: 16738

Popchips Sea Salt & Black Pepper

Bidfood code: 76048

Popchips Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar

Bidfood code: 80688

Popchips Sriracha

Bidfood code: 80689

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