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The right choice for the right snacks range!

A massive 85% of customers purchase bagged bar snacks, making it essential to stock a range of best sellers. However 47% of customers say they only rarely purchase or never do, indicating a big opportunity.

We also know that 52% of customers purchase snacks on impulse¹ – so at KP SnacKPartners we want to help you turn these impulse opportunities into incremental snack sales and improved spend in your outlet!

KP Snacks is the No.1 supplier of bagged snacks in pubs and bars² with stand-out brands like McCoy’s, KP Nuts and Tyrrells Crisps (winner of 83 great taste awards).

Behind the Bar – stock your perfect range

Maximise your sales

Pubs and bars can give themselves the best opportunity to maximise sales potential with three simple but key must do’s:


Stock a range of best-seller snacks to meet all your customer needs.


Ensure your range is always available to purchase


Position your snacks with high visibility, 37% of customers purchase snacks because they noticed them while at the bar!

Seeing is believing

Visibility is key to improving your bagged snack sales, KP SnacKPartners has a wide range of effective merchandise available to help increase visibility and maximise sales.


Visibility + availability = better snack sales!


Speak to your Bidfood representative to find out more.

KP launched its first nuts in 1952 with Roasted Salted Hazelnuts and our very first Roasted Salted Peanuts followed soon after in 1953

 Fast forward to the present day and KP has a lot more to offer!

Quality has always been at the heart of KP Nuts, so it’s no wonder they’re the nation’s favourite. As well as Original Salted and Dry Roasted Peanuts, we have introduced delicious new flavours such as Honey Roast and Salt & Vinegar. And complementing our famous sharing bags and caddies are our new ‘On the Go’ packs, so you can enjoy KP Nuts anywhere!

In 2017 our first TV campaign in 24 years featured an elephant at a party who won’t settle for anything less than KP Nuts. That’s because only KP Nuts are picked after growing in the sun for 130 days, giving them the perfect taste.

Working with our parent company, Intersnack, KP Snacks is also the world’s biggest nut purchaser and works closely with growers and producers around the world to ensure all KP nuts are responsibly sourced.

Because we connect the people who grow nuts to the people who enjoy them, we have a responsibility to both.

We work directly with suppliers up and down the value chain to ensure superb product quality and fair deals for farmers, to help them grow both their nuts and their businesses.  

KP have been selecting, roasting and seasoning peanuts since 1954 and our peanuts are regularly rated the best-tasting by consumers³. We only use a specific high grade of peanut that has been allowed to grow to full maturity (at least 130 days) in the sunshine to give the fullest flavour and crunchiest texture.

KP know the farms that we source from and we’ve worked with them for many years to ensure that their working conditions and environmental approach produces the best yields and the best quality nuts. We share knowledge of modern farming techniques and invest directly in the technology needed to successfully grow peanuts and safeguard local varieties for the future.

KP Nuts are nature’s own snack; not only delicious but packed full of natural fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals. That’s why they are worth taking time and care to produce.

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¹CGA Pub Snacking habits survey April 2020

²Kantar OOH Pubs & Bar Spend 52 wk/e 23.02.20

³Cambridge Market Research, 2016

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