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At Kerrymaid we know dairy, in fact, we love dairy!

With over 30 years’ experience we’ve crafted a range of products that perform perfectly in your kitchen. With these rich and creamy products that have unparalleled mouthfeel, we want to spread our love for dairy amongst everyone!

Kerrymaid started out with spreads and we now have a wide and versatile range perfect in a wide variety of cooking applications, everything from baking, to shallow frying, or just simply for spreading! We have put our dairy expertise to good use with these rich and creamy tasting spreads.

We’ve developed versatile Kerrymaid cream alternatives to fresh cream which can be stored ambient

They do not split when heated, they whip up to 3 times their own volume and hold longer than fresh creams.

Take a look for yourself by watching our video.

Cream alternatives

Kerrymaid Single

Code: 72597

Kerrymaid Double

Code: 72600

Ice cream

Angelito Ice Cream Mix

Code: 60402

Spreads and cooking fats

Kerrymaid Buttery

Code: 39021

Kerrymaid Premium Baking Block

Code: 71815

Kerrymaid Original Slices

Code: 75497

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