Kelly’s – ice cream done the Cornish way

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A Cornish tale

At Kelly’s we’ve been taking our ice cream very seriously since 1930 and have continued making it the same way for almost 100 years. Our humble beginnings happened in Cornwall, though our deliciousness son saw us loved nationwide.

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Seriously mooin good

At Kelly’s we carefully select the finest ingredients including whole milk and clotted cream from our local dairy herds that graze on Cornwall’s lush green pastures. Our dairies are all within 25 miles of our factory in Bodmin, which means all our ingredients are sourced from down the road, right from the heart of Cornwall.

Kelly’s partnership with The Bumblebee Conservation Trust

At Kelly’s we take quality very seriously, which is why we partnered with the amazing team at the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.  The Bumblebee Conservation Trust is the only charity dedicated wholly to saving the UK’s bumblebees.

Better Meadows = Happy Cows = Good Quality Dairy = Great Tasting Ice Cream!

Our range

Customers are spoilt for choice. Take a look at a few of our seriously delicious flavours below, there are over 20 to choose from so get in touch with your Bidfood rep for more details or click ‘Order online‘ at the top of the page.

Kelly's Banana Split ice cream

Bidfood code: 63092

Kelly's Blueberry ice cream

Bidfood code: 21437

Kelly's Candyfloss ice cream

Bidfood code: 73710

Kelly's Lemon Crunch ice cream

Bidfood code: 73713

Kelly's Millionaire Shortbread ice cream

Bidfood code: 63278

Kelly's Salted Caramel ice cream

Bidfood code: 55514

Kelly's Toffee Fudge ice cream

Bidfood code: 73708

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