McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts

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Pladis are excited to welcome the brand new maverick offering from Jaffa Cakes to amaze and delight your customers.

Is it a biscuit or a cake? Or is it a donut? No - it’s a Jaffa Jonut

Jaffa Jonuts offer a fun and distinctive new edition of the original McVitie’s Jaffa Cakes and are on a mission to inspire the nation to be what they want to be! Proof (albeit tongue firmly in cheek proof) that we can all be anything we set our minds to!

Our magic Jaffa combo with a twist, soft donutty shaped sponge, tangy orangey filling, topped with a layer of crackly dark chocolate. The love child of the epic Jaffa Cakes and a tasty donut.

Features and benefits

♦ Individually wrapped and sealed in its own pack offering a hygienic solution to displaying the product

♦ Eaten on the go, with a hot drink or simply as a treat

♦ Comes in a counter top display unit, ideal for displaying next to till points or decanting

♦ Packaging designed to be recyclable

♦ 74% of consumers considered Jaffa Jonuts as different from other available sweet snacks*

♦ Ideal for travel, leisure, on the go, coffee shops, hotels and vending

Whether you position McVitie’s Jaffa Jonuts as a tasty compliment alongside a hot cuppa for a late morning snack or as a mid-afternoon pick me up – Jaffa Jonuts are undoubtedly a perfect treat.


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McVitie’s Jaffa Jonut

Bidfood code: 03460

12 x 43g

McVitie’s Jaffa Cake snack pack

Bidfood code: 37141

20 x 4pk

With over 300 years of family baking & confectionery heritage, it’s this spirit of craftsmanship & innovation that inspires our future

More than 180 years ago, McVitie’s started life as a small provision shop on Rose Street in Edinburgh, Scotland. Fast forward to today, pladis are the second largest biscuit manufacturer in the world, and home to some of the world’s best tasting and most loved snacking brands. Our diverse portfolio of snacks is enjoyed in more than 150 countries and is a staple in billions of homes.

Our product recipes were created by master bakers and have stood the test of time, bringing happiness to consumers around the world for hundreds of years. With an eye towards new trends and evolving consumer needs, our innovation is fuelling exciting new products to deliver even more happiness in every bite.

Meredith & Drew – A leading branded mini pack biscuit that shouts ‘quality’

Perfectly suited for offering as the in room or conference biscuit for hotels but just as suitable for care, healthcare, coffee shops, on the go, travel and hospitality.

Features and benefits

♦ Individual portion packs containing two perfectly baked, delicious biscuits

♦ Modern branding & premium positioning

♦ Indulgent product of the highest quality

♦ Only available within the foodservice channel

♦ 100 twin packs in a case

♦ 25 packets of each flavour Scrumptious Shortie Swirl, Wonderful White Choc Chip Cookie, Marvellous Milk Choc Chop Cookie & Irresistible Oat Crunch

Meredith & Drew assorted mini pack biscuits

Bidfood code: 37317

1 x 100 – 25 of each flavour variant


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