Made without eggs


Made without eggs

Almost 10% of consumers have either eaten or drunk a product that is made without egg in the last six months, with 8% of the UK population avoiding eggs as part of their diet. (Mintel 2017), illustrating the need for made without egg products.


What do we mean by made without eggs?

Foods which do not contain egg.

Beautiful buffets

We have an excellent range of finger buffet products that are made without eggs and cover all cuisines from Indian and Oriental to British, American and Middle Eastern. To view the full range, check out the e-zine at the bottom of the page.

Everyday Favourites vegetable dim sum selection 3 x 16 (18837)

Everyday Favourites vegetable Indian selection 60 x 30g (18831)

Everyday Favourites cheese & pickle bites 50 x 25g (74167)

Everyday Favourites mini savoury pies 72 x 38g (60651)

Innovate Foods nacho cheese jalapeño bites 4 x 1kg (62893)

Everyday Favourites sweet potato & falafel bites 90 x 22g (18745)

Centre of plate desserts

One of the key features of desserts is to look good on a plate and just because a product does not contain egg, doesn’t mean it’s any less tempting. From gold bars and glitzy chocolate orange to an award winning vegan chocolate & raspberry torte, there’s plenty for you to choose from!

Everyday Favourites individual mega mint matchstick 1 x 16ptn (60677)

Premium Selection gold bar 2 x 14ptn (60676)

Gluten free glitzy chocolate orange torte 1 x 14ptn (32436)

Premium Selection Belgian chocolate & raspberry vegan torte (61155)

Double award-winning product with the free from sweet category and an overall Gold Q Award

Ministry of Cake jam roly poly pudding 4 x 14ptn (17124)

Didier’s Patisserie toffee apple tarte tatin 1 x 10ptn (76297)

Impulse & snacking

With grab & go still a major foodservice trend, having a range of allergen free products that meet this demand is essential. Take biscuits for example, we have individually wrapped mini packs, roll packs and assortment boxes that have all of the traditional flavours and go perfect with that mid-afternoon cuppa!

Everyday Favourites biscuits range

Everyday Favourites digestives 12 x 300g (18155)
Everyday Favourites custard creams 12 x 300g (18163)
Everyday Favourites nice biscuits 12 x 250g (18243)
Everyday Favourites bourbon biscuits 12 x 300g (17945)
Everyday Favourites ginger nuts 18 x 300g (04649)

McVitie’s fruit shortcake 12 x 200g (72590)

Coronet luxury mini pack assorted biscuits 1 x 100ptn (01048)

Everyday Favourites shortbread & biscuit assortment 6 x 1kg (59694)

Always refer to the product packaging for information on its contents. We do not warrant information provided by third party manufacturers. If you require further details, customers can contact our Bidfood Advice Centre on 0370 3663 000, open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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