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Important to know


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With larger tables and groups, clear differentiation between those dishes which do and do not contain allergens is essential to avoid cross contamination. When offering free from products, it’s essential that they do not compromise on quality or flavour and are not at a higher price point than other items on the menu. Having free from options on your menu can be a great way of showing that you understand current food trends and are providing options for individuals with special dietary requirements. The Food Information Regulations for Consumers (FIR) rules mean that caterers must be able to provide information on the allergens in the dishes being prepared and served.


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If you are thinking about including any allergen free options on your menu, you must consider the following and adhere to the recommendations stated below:

Preparing foods in the kitchen

When you are preparing products in any catering establishment, you must take suitable steps to prevent cross contamination from any products which may contain allergens. You should consider preparing these foods in a separate area to minimise the risk of contamination and always use clean utensils and baking trays.


Food displays

It’s important to consider how unwrapped free from foods are both stored and displayed. If you’re using counters for example, physically separate foods which contain allergens from the free from offering. In addition to this, the same utensils such as serving spoons or tongs cannot be used for both so it is best to keep free from foods in a separate area. If challenged, you will need to demonstrate that you have put in place appropriate procedures and controls. Showing due diligence through record keeping and regular testing to demonstrate consistent results is advisable.


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In line with the allergen labelling laws which came into force in December 2014 from the EU Food Information For Consumers Regulation (FIC), all foodservice establishments serving unpackaged food or food that is packaged on site for immediate consumption, must provide details of all possible allergens that are contained within the menu items being served. For our full range of allergen labels take look at page 7 of the brochure.

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