Heinz Bull’s Eye

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Boost your sales with Bull’s Eye core range

Bring the uncompromising taste of America to your table and fall in love with the authentic taste of premium BBQ.

Bull’s Eye tastes better

Bull’s Eye brings you the uncompromising taste of American BBQ. Established in 1985 in the United States, it’s the No.1 premium, authentic BBQ brand in the UK.

When to eat

Bull’s Eye brings more than sauce to the table. Especially loved amongst millennials, it makes the perfect pairing with beer and sets the mood for the great outdoors. Bring Bull’s Eye to your table and we’ll set the scene.


Bull’s Eye is the best option for an authentic BBQ dip to go with your meal. Bringing the original American flavor to the table, you’ll make your next BBQ legendary.


When it’s all about indulgence and taste, the best you can do is keep it simple and use a brush to add that extra ounce of flavor to your meal.


Bull’s Eye is the best choice for a tender, juicy grilled meat dish. All you need is some fries and slaw on the side and, of course, Bull’s Eye Original.

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