Gluten free


Gluten free

The gluten free market is huge and is continuing to increase; with approximately 1 in every 100 consumers suffering from Coeliac disease (Coeliac UK, 2018). Gluten free innovation has some a long way in the last few years with new products being launched across all categories. In 2017 alone, 13% of new product launches were labelled as gluten free (Mintel 2017), highlighting the importance of including gluten free products on your menu that also follow industry trends.


What do we mean by gluten free?

Products containing less than 20ppm gluten. Cereals containing gluten include wheat, barley and rye. NB oats do not naturally contain gluten, however there is a high contamination risk with other grains as grown in the same place. Should a Gluten Free product contain ‘Cereals containing Gluten’ below the 20ppm threshold, the gluten ingredient will still be highlighted within the ingredients list i.e. Barley malt vinegar.


Claims that can be used when referring to products that are gluten free:

√ Gluten free
√ Suitable for people intolerant to gluten
√ Suitable for Coeliacs

Prepared meals

A good way to avoid contamination from non-gluten containing products is to have a selection of pre-prepared meals on your menu. By only taking out the number you need from the freezer, it also means that wastage can be reduced. We have a wide selection of gluten free prepared meals that would work as either starters or mains. We’ve handpicked some of our favourites below:

Premium Selection brie & beetroot chutney tart in kale pastry 12 x 150g (60648)

Premium Selection Red Cabbage Roulade with Brie & Red Onion Marmalade 12 x 125g (60649)

Paramount 21 vegan Penang curry 12 x 300g (94074)

Too Good To Be Gluten Free steak, red wine & shallot pie 8 x 190g (39977)

Quality Cuisine Wensleydale cheese, roasted leek & clotted cream pastry crown 12 x 200g (32466)

Quality Cuisine goat’s cheese & red onion tart 12 x 100g (38036)


With bakery items being a staple on most menus, having a gluten free option is essential. From rolls and wraps to cakes, slices and brownies, we’re sure to have something to suit your menus, whether you’re looking for sweet or savoury.

Dr Schär gluten free white ciabatta rolls individual 30 x 50g (94200)

Bfree gluten free multigrain wraps 28cm (11”) 6 x 12 (52786)

Gluten free burger bun (individually wrapped) 27 x 80g (42561)

Sponge mini gluten free afternoon tea sponges 32 x 50g (76078)

Everyday Favourites gluten free carrot loaf cake 1 x 15ptn (19158)

Premium Selection vegan salted caramel chocolate brownie 1 x 30ptn (61122)


Having a range of tempting desserts on your menu is a great way of ending your customers’ meal on a high. Our gluten free desserts includes pre-cut, whole and individual options, giving you great flexibility. Our newest gluten free desserts also boast fantastic flavour combinations that tap into current trends such as nostalgic flavours and alcohol infused.

Everyday Favourites gluten free baked rhubarb & custard crumble cheesecake 1 x 14ptn (61156)

Premium Selection popping peach bellini cheesecake 1 x 14ptn (60678)

Premium Selection gin fizz, lime & elderflower cheesecake 1 x 14ptn (60679)

Auld’s gluten free strawberry & rhubarb cheesecake 1 x 14ptn (60034)

Individual apple & blackberry crumble 12 x 175g (60369)

Premium Selection trio berry amore 1 x 14ptn (18246)

Take a look at our gluten free recipes below

Always refer to the product packaging for information on its contents. We do not warrant information provided by third party manufacturers. If you require further details, customers can contact our Bidfood Advice Centre on 0370 3663 000, open from Monday to Friday, 8am to 5pm.

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