Gluten free

Offering an all-inclusive Christmas

As consumer needs for gluten free options continues to grow attracting not only those with food allergies but consumers looking to remove specific ingredients from their diets we have expanded our ever popular gluten free range. With festive favourites like our pigs in blankets to our new vegan & gluten free mirrored chocolate truffle torte. We have a gluten free offering to suit all eating occasions. Offering choice, variety and safety on menus.

Paramount 21 Thai-style cod & prawn fishcakes
Cheesy garlic dough balls
Classic Cuisine butternut squash stuffed with Mediterranean vegetables & basil
Gluten free pigs in blankets
Red cabbage with apples, redcurrants & spices
Brussels sprouts with chestnuts & bacon
Gluten free Belgian chocolate fondant
Everyday Favourites rhubarb & custard crumble cheesecake
We Love Cake mini iced fruitcake bites
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