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86% of vegan meals are consumed by non-vegans*

With the Garden Gourmet® range of plant-based meat alternatives, you can offer enticing options on your menu. From delicious burgers to tasty nachos, your customers won’t have to compromise on the taste or the texture they love.

Why not try something new? Create inspiring plant-based meals, come up with wonderful vegan and vegetarian menu ideas and keep ahead of the trends for the future.

Serve something sensational

Nestlé Professional’s Garden Gourmet® range of products were developed based on the belief that the more people embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be**. The range has been developed following intensive collaboration between Nestlé Professional food experts and culinary chefs specialised in alternative proteins. By using Nestlé Professional products you know you can be guaranteed quality, versatility, consistency and availability, along with teams committed to making your business a success.

Winning on both taste and versatility, choose Garden Gourmet products to create inspiring plant-based meals.

Garden Gourmet® Sensational™ Burger (ve) 3x2kg

Bidfood code: 69752

Garden Gourmet® Sensational™ Fillet Pieces (ve) 2x2kg

Bidfood code: 41116

Garden Gourmet® Vegan Balls (ve) 2x2kg

Bidfood code: 95007

Garden Gourmet® Vegan Nuggets (ve) 2x2kg

Bidfood code: 11183

Garden Gourmet® Sensational™ Cumberland Sausage (ve) 3x2kg

Bidfood code: 11184

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*Understanding the Out of Home plant based meals market report, Kantar May 2020

**3rd party report. Screening Life Cycle Assessment of Garden Gourmet “Cook from Raw” range consumed in Europe and the United States. Critically reviewed study. Sonia Petzold (NPTC Singen) and Namy Espinoza Orias (Nestlé Research).

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