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Dedicated to catering operators and passionate about Italian food

At Galbani Professional we support restaurateurs in their daily work with high quality targeted solutions to help simplify and speed up preparations in the kitchen. We know how to inspire professionals to renew their everyday offering with a touch of creativity and flair. Discover our Galbani Professional range inspired by chefs, created for chefs and unlock any cheese-base dish featured on Italian menus.

Best of Italian

Galbani Professional offers chefs a range of high quality cheeses ideally suited for Italian preparations.

Mozzarella: available in ball, log and pearls format, our Mozzarella range offers culinary uses and make it a go-to partner for Italian starters and mains.

Mascarpone: Mascarpone has an irresistible creaminess and soft, velvety texture. Loved by chefs for its delicate flavour and cream consistency, it will transform every recipe into a delicious delicacy.

Ricotta: a soft and creamy cheese, our Ricotta is a staple product to complement your Italian dishes. Its fresh, delicate taste and finely grated texture are appreciate in desserts where Ricotta brings unparalleled sweetness.

From One Chef To Another

Last year, we teamed up with Galbani Professional brand ambassador Giancarlo Caldesi to challenge pub and restaurant chefs to champion the art of Italian cuisine and create crowd-pleasing dishes using Galbani Professional as a hero ingredient in our series of Italian masterclasses #CaldesiCooksGalbani.

Chefs had the chance to win a place on an exclusive skills workshop with Giancarlo Caldesi at his Central London cookery school, La Cucina Caldesi.

Watch our full masterclass series on the Lactalis Professional website to find out more.

Be inspired by our Italian recipes and elevate your menu

Try making our spicy Italian Mozzarella Arancini with Nduja recipe. Quick and easy to make, it is sure to be a customer favourite.

View the recipe here

Galbani Professional range

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Galbani Santa Lucia Mozzarella Loaf

Galbani Mozzarella is available in a vacuumed packed block format. Its shape makes it easy to cut into thin slices and cubes. This product is ideal for cold and cooked dishes such as sandwiches, baked pasta and pizza.

Bidfood code: 02871

Galbani Mozzarella Balls

Galbani Mozzarella is an Italian fresh mozzarella ball available in easy to open bags filled with brine. Ideal in cold dishes such as salads, panini and wraps.

Bidfood code: 02965

Galbani Mozzarella 8g Mini Pearls

Ideal for your salads, starters or nibbles, our fresh-tasting classic mozzarella now comes in bite-size pieces.

Bidfood code: 71868

Galbani Mascarpone

Galbani Mascarpone is ideal for use in recipes to add a creamier flavour to the dish, suitable in both sweet and savoury dishes such as pasta sauces, cheesecakes or as accompaniment to any dessert.

Bidfood code: 02867

Galbani Ricotta

Galbani ricotta has a fresh and light taste. This classic Italian product has a grainy texture and fresh flavour. Its delicate taste suits a wide variety of recipes as a lighter alternative to cream cheese or can be enjoyed on its own simply spread on bread.

Bidfood code: 28087

Italian recipe inspiration

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