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A new adventure in ice cream

We are all born curious…A lot of us dream of exploring faraway lands and immersing ourselves in an unfamiliar culture. Every hero ingredient we source for Nuii ice cream is carefully picked to evoke a feeling of adventure and discovery. We are constantly searching the globe and challenging ourselves. How can a flavour embody the freedom and warmth of the Australian outback, the freshness of the Nordics or the immersive feeling you get, deep within the jungles of Java? Every Nuii ice cream uses the smoothest creamiest dairy, encased in indulgent chocolate. We value substance over looks and the perfection of the imperfect, so all our ice creams are bursting with exciting textures and flavour. Introducing Nuii, inspired by discoveries on our journeys around the world.

Nuii cookies & Idaho valley mint 20 x 90ml (51272)

Nestled amongst calm lakes and grand mountains are the tranquil valleys of Idaho. The picturesque landscape provides the ideal conditions for growing mint with an uplifting fresh scent

Each bite delivers a smooth and refreshing mint flavoured ice cream...

...combined with delicious chocolate cookies and covered with milk chocolate and even more indulgent cookie pieces. A trail through the valleys will take your breath away

Nuii salted caramel & Australian macadamia 20 x 90ml (51274)

Iconic koalas, kangaroos and ravishing landscapes, Australia offers the perfect setting for the impressive macadamia tree

This sun‐soaked country produces macadamia nuts with a delicate buttery flavour...

...and a velvety crunch. Slightly roasted, the frequently referred to as the queen of the nuts found a home away from home as delicious brittle in our milk chocolate coupled with a rich salted caramel sauce swirled in our creamy vanilla ice cream. A taste that’s worth exploring

Nuii Java vanilla 20 x 90ml (51273)

Renowned for its active volcanos, stunning temples and lush green rice terraces, Java island is home to a special species of orchid

It flowers for a single day only and needs to be pollinated by hand to produce the Java Vanilla beans... known for their distinct sweet and smoky taste. Swirled with creamy ice cream, the exotic java vanilla aroma is locked away inside a layer of milk chocolate and a generous serving of crunchy almond. A taste to be explored.

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Nuii is an exciting brand-new launch for Froneri. Launching in the UK and several key European markets in 2019.  In the UK Froneri is investing £3 million in media across key channels, to raise awareness of brand, build excitement and engage with consumers to encourage purchase. Nuii will add value to the sticks category by creating a relevant, differentiated premium positioning – appealing to adventure seekers.

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page has been provided directly by Froneri UK and is in no way related to Bidfood UK.

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