Forward thinking

Looking ahead to build mutual success

We always strive to be forward thinking, whether is comes to supporting our customers, CSER or technology and infrastructure to keep developing our service proposition.


Customer support is never a ‘one size fits all’. We invest significant time and effort in making sure we understand the sectors our customers operate within, keep aware of government legislation affecting our customers’ businesses and develop our ranges in line with wider food market trends.

We know that our customers’ expectations of us will always grow, and we continue to ensure our depot infrastructure allows us to be a local supplier with national coverage. We ensure that regional customers work with teams who understand their specific requirements and build relationships at a local level, whilst our national customers benefit from strong central support for their head office teams.

And when it comes to technology, our operational teams are provided with support tools that allow them to do their jobs efficiently and with great accuracy. Our customers benefit from our investment in technology too, through the introduction of our Bidfood Direct shop which offers so much more than just a ‘shopping basket’.

When it comes to CSER, we remain on the front foot. Becoming the first foodservice company to achieve ISO 14001 certification over a decade ago was just the beginning.  Our continued efforts through, for example, investing in all new Euro 6 delivery trucks to reduce environmental impact, to our partnerships with a significant number of charities and the launch of plate2planet, we have never taken our foot off the pedal in this area. It is humbling that our efforts have won us the ‘Green wholesaler of the Year’ FWD award 4 years running (2013, ’14, ’15 and ’16).

Serving up sustainability

Corporate responsibility and sustainability are key to our business strategy and something we try to consider in everything we do. Forward thinking is a key ingredient of our proposition and through our Sustainability Plan we’ve set ourselves clear and challenging targets, which we revisit each year. We feel it is important to deliver our services in the right way, to help our customers grow and to minimise our impact on the environment as much as possible.

Get a taste of our progress by accessing our 2018 sustainability report


plate2planet is our initiative dedicated to creating positive change for sustainability in foodservice. The plate2planet LinkedIn group acts as a central hub, bringing organisations together to share best practice, ideas and inspiration within the foodservice sector.

The group offers a place where members from across the foodservice sector can share practical resources, guides and case studies. It is also a place for members to discuss and debate hot topics and connect with others.

Become a contributing member on the plate2planet LinkedIn group and share your case studies, research, best practice and stories with our other members – Join now!

Recycle your waste oil

Help the environment and get your waste oil removed for free!

Our waste oil recycling scheme is a great way to actively reduce the carbon footprint of your business and ensure you are compliant with all current legislation.

We work with a specialist waste-to-energy company, Olleco, who collect the waste oil on our behalf and produce a high grade bio-diesel. All of the oil is recycled at their production facility and is used within the UK to reduce carbon emissions. They can also issue certificates of carbon savings for you to assist with the management of your carbon.

Join the journey – request your free waste oil collection

Recycling your waste oil with us is free. To request a collection, call 02380 828282 or email

After calling for collection, our recycling partner will visit to pick up your waste oil. Ideally we ask that the oil is kept in its original container, as these containers are also recycled. However, if you generate large volumes and require some help with storage, please ask about our free storage barrels that we can loan you.

Olleco can also organise a regular collection schedule so you don’t need to keep requesting collections. The minimum volume of oil for collection is 60 litres.

The service offers complete peace of mind with frequent collections, waste transfer notes issued with every collection and all of your waste oil recycled and used in the UK.

We appreciate every drop we can recycle. If you require any more specific information about waste oil recycling, please get in touch.

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