Fanta is GB’s number one flavoured carbonated soft drinks brand[1] . Worth £217m[2] and having grown 15% in value[3], Fanta now accounts for more than a quarter of the sector’s value share[4]. This growth has in part been driven by the Fanta zero sugar range, which is now worth £66.3m[5]. People have a greater awareness of health and wellness than ever, so Retailers should make sure they offer a wide range of low-sugar soft drinks.

With consumers becoming more adventurous and looking to experiment with new and exciting variants, it is increasingly important for retailers to keep an eye out for the latest flavour innovations across a range of different soft drinks formats, such as Fanta Grape & Fanta Raspberry. Launched in February 2019 following huge demand on social media, the grape-flavoured variant has proven extremely popular and is now worth over £10.6m[6], demonstrating demand from Fanta drinkers for innovation.

We have further expanded our Fanta zero sugar range with the launch of Fanta Raspberry zero sugar. The introduction of the new flavour follows on from the success of Fanta Grape zero sugar. Raspberry was chosen as the latest Fanta zero sugar flavour in response to consumer demand, with raspberry-flavoured products in 11%[7] volume growth in the last year. The new fruity variant helps retailers tap into growing consumer demand for flavour variation[8]

Rolling out from February, the new variant delivers a refreshing taste without any calories or sugar. With 75%[9] of Fanta zero sugar’s growth being incremental, the new flavour will help maximise sales for retailers by attracting new consumers into the segment and encouraging occasional shoppers to return more often.

The Fanta brand has continued to grow in value by responding to the growing demand for flavoured carbonated soft drinks in zero sugar options[10]. We’ll build on the fantastic success of Fanta Grape zero sugar with the new Raspberry flavour, presenting another opportunity for retailers to maximise sales of soft drinks to new and existing shoppers.


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