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From core ingredients to finishing touches, Dr. Oetker Professional has everything you need to dial up your menu this summer.

Dr. Oetker Professional Sugar Strands

Packaged in easy-to-pour, recyclable jars, our sugar strands are the perfect sprinkle to add to any cake, milkshake, ice cream or cocktail!

Dr. Oetker Professional Scotbloc

Add a silky smooth finish to your desserts this summer. Check out this video to see how you can dial up your desserts using Scotbloc!

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Dr. Oetker Professional White Chocolate Flavour Scotbloc Drops

Bidfood code: 74872

Dr. Oetker Gluten Free Baking Powder

Bidfood code: 60426

Dr. Oetker Professional Sugar Strands

Bidfood code: 35919

Dr. Oetker Professional Vanilla Flavouring

Bidfood code: 17695

Recipe inspiration

Gluten free Victoria sponge cake

Learn how to make a Victoria sponge cake with this easy, delicious recipe. Perfect for a weekend treat or to bake up as someone’s birthday cake!

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