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Try our new Douwe Egberts

Our proposition is simple. If you’re in the industry and looking to serve coffee with confidence, credibility and pride, then we’re made for you.

Coffee confidence

We want to help you get the best out of every bean and coffee you provide, no matter your skill level. You’ll find training, storage and dosage tips to achieve the perfect serve on every packet and via our website.

Coffee pride

We want you to feel proud of the coffee you sell because your coffee is creating change. The Barista Editions is 100% Rainforest Allicance Certified, meaning our beans are grown and sourced using methods that promote a better future for humanity and nature.

Coffee credibility

A choice of two delicious blends, each with their own qualities, both crafted by Douwe Egberts Master Baristas to satisfy the needs of every customer lookinig for a quality cup of coffee.

Signature Espresso (11393)

Douwe Egberts Barista Editions Signature Espresso is a real all-rounder. A rich and aromatic blend crafted to deliver silky smooth black and white espresso-based drinks. This carefully selected blend of 100% arabica coffee beans from Latin America is medium dark roasted with notes of dark honey and citrus fruits.

Rich Espresso (11394)

Douwe Egberts Barista Editions Rich Espresso is an intense and full-bodied blend roasted to pack a punch. Ideal for a straight espresso or firm favourites; cappuccino and flat white. This carefully selected blend of 100% arabica coffee beans from South America is dark roasted with notes of sticky treacle and almonds.

JDE Professional UK

Our purpose is to help you achieve the perfect coffee experience for your business, with total confidence that we are the right commercial coffee partner to meet all your business needs.

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