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Deliver a strong competitive advantage with Big Al's New Gourmet Burger Range

Operators are facing intense pressure due to current market changes. Balancing operational challenges whilst remaining competitive is leaving businesses in a state of flux. Big Al’s New Gourmet Burger Range ensures your standards are maintained and that you deliver consistency time and time again.

No matter how you build, sell or serve your burgers, one key ingredient has the biggest influence on taste and quality and that’s the beef. We believe that investing in a quality patty will not only benefit your business commercially but your reputation with customers too.

Make a big difference in 3 key areas of your food business

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In your kitchen

On your menu

With customers

Reduce waste
Lower H&S risks
Improve consistency 
Less labour required
Create menu standout
Elevate burger descriptors
Tell your provenance story
Allow personalisation
Best taste experience
Create visual impact

In an ever changing market, you can always rely on frozen

Now more than ever, the frozen advantage is a great solution for businesses navigating the challenges presented by COVID19.

With the changeability that COVID19 has brought to us, operators are often in a state of flux. It’s tough to figure out demand, and even more difficult to guess what stage or what exact restrictions will apply to your local area. All of which have massive impacts on your footfall, food ordering, kitchen efficiencies and ultimately the bottom line.

Go frozen and benefit from a longer shelf life, less food waste and consistency every time. Our frozen burger range delivers on taste, quality, convenience and most importantly, profit for your business.

Here’s 4 reasons to go frozen with Big Al’s

Choose the best burger for your business

Our new Big Al’s Gourmet Burger range was crafted with customer requirements and market trends in mind and are made from premium cuts and breeds of beef. The beef in our burgers is sourced from a family of farmers we trust and whom share our passion for quality meat. Command a more premium price for your burger with these key call outs on your menu.

Big Al’s Prime Burger (76290)

Big Al’s Prime Burger (76290)

Net weight: 6kg | 40 units x 150g

A gourmet burger without the wait, packed with prime cuts of chuck and brisket beef

Branded consumer foil packaging included

Big Al’s Hereford Burger (40730)

Big Al’s Hereford Burger (40730)

Net weight: 8.2kg | 48 units x 170g (6oz)

Hereford known for its fine-fat marbling for tender and tasty meat

John Stone Dry Aged Burger (42052)

John Stone Dry Aged Burger (42052)

Net weight: 9.1kg | 40 units x 227g (8oz)

Dry aged meat for intense superior flavour and texture

In a time of uncertainty build trust with your customers, tell your provenance story

For outlets to be successful it is vital that consumers feel as though they can trust the quality, service and produce from the beginning of the supply chain to the end point of enjoyment. Consumers are increasingly searching for superior ingredients and sourcing. If you are serving our Big Al’s beef burgers, you can share a strong quality & provenance message with your customers as we source our premium quality beef from trusted farmers who share our passion for food and commitment to quality.

We have got a range of point of sale to help you tell your provenance story. Request your provenance assets here.

For the Love of Burgers is your one-stop-shop for all things burgers!

We’ve been in the business of producing burgers for fifty years so we know exactly what goes into making a great one. We believe that the quality, care and consistency we invest in every patty needs to be shouted about.

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