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At Délifrance, we believe that every day doesn’t have to taste like everyday. Each day is a reason to enjoy every bite of it.

That’s why we put all our know-how and heart into crafting delicious bakery products that re-awaken your senses and renew your delight for the everyday.

From our farmers, to our millers, our bakers, our employees, up to our customers we are collectively committed to seek new and pioneering ways to improve ourselves while cultivating the highest respect for our heritage and willingness to hand it over.

Because when you bake better each day, you live better every day.

Délifrance. Live everyday delicious.

A favourite choice with school catering, cafés and coffee shops, our Provencette range is the panini of choice for your customers.

Made with French bakery expertise and using high quality ingredients blended with extra virgin olive oil, we have created a delicious panini range. Perfect for classic and temporary recipes.

Provencette paninis offer a convenient quick to bake and easy to grill option to meet consumers demand for efficient serving that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Why choose Provencette?


The Provencette Grilly® 70 x 110g 27cm (89195)

Fully baked, pre-sliced and pre-grilled with bar marks. Create hot sandwiches, perfect for the education, café, healthcare, hotels and hospitality sectors


The Provencette panini 55 x 105g, 24cm (93765) and Provencette large panini 55 x 125g, 28cm (55824)

Classic paninis perfect to use on a panini grill

The Provencette Herbes de provence panini 55 x 100g, 22cm (39486)

A classic mix of Herbes de Provence – rosemary, savory, thyme, marjoram, oregano and basil. Perfect to create sandwiches full of flavours

Délifrance panini recipe

Have a go at making your very own Délifrance panini with Farmstead chicken fillet and creamy buffalo mozzarella

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