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Welcome to our first installment of Create Summer 2018

This area is all about giving you ideas and food for thought when it comes to planning your summer menus. We’ve chosen three of our favourite cuisines; Asian, Middle Eastern and American which have been highlighted by our insights team as key cuisines for 2018. As well as cuisines, we have also focused on key lifestyle choices such as vegetarian, gluten free and vegan.


We’ve made it easy for you to embrace these cuisines whatever kind of kitchen or business you have. Take a look at our selection of tasty recipes and finished products below to add a summer twist to your existing menu.


Asian food has been a staple part of British diets for many years, with Chinese and Indian traditionally at its heart. Over the years and as consumers have become more well-travelled, new flavours and surprising combinations and fusions are being sought out. Asian flavours are also being fused with traditional British dishes such as our Premium Selection Korean Pork Belly Strips and Premium Selection Chilli & Coriander King Scallops which makes this cuisine even more relevant in the UK market.

Within our range you will find dishes that span diverse continent from China, India and Thailand across to Malaysia and Vietnam.

Asian recipes and products

Korean chicken breast skewers (32426)

1 x 2.85kg

The Authentic Food Company Thai king prawn curry (80265)

12 x 350g

Everyday Favourites edamame beans in pods (29258)

1 x 1kg

Middle Eastern

Middle Eastern was named the most popular ethnic cuisine to hit the market in 2017 by the Food Business News. Global travel has exposed consumers to a wide array of foods including those from the middle East.

The cuisine is full of colour, flavour and with a strong emphasis on sharing, it is perfect for the summer months. We are excited to bring together a range of products to help you bring Middle Eastern to your menu, from light bites like falafel balls and lamb kibbeh to slow cooked, rich and aromatic tagines. We even have a range of desserts, incorporating the vibrancy of this cuisine, with flavours such as cardamom, rose, pomegranate and fig.

Middle Eastern recipes and products

Farmstead lamb kofte skewered (54988)

20 x 50g

Premium Selection, butternut squash, aubergine, feta & pomegranate moussaka (18450)

24 x 400g

Rose & pistachio cake pre-cut (32394)

1 x 14ptn


Traditional American food such as burgers, hot dogs and milkshakes have been around for decades and is still growing in popularity in the UK, but we are now starting to see a real taste for regional American dishes coming through.

Regional American food covers an array of flavours and food styles from North, Central and South America, from our Louisiana burrito filling to Mississippi mud pie this is a cuisine that can be added onto any menu with ease and is perfect for summer, whether eating in or taking away.

Click below to view our American inspired selection

American recipes and products

Jim Beam® super wide cut rack of ribs (95637)

5 x 800g

The Authentic Food Co. spicy chicken burrito filling (60945)

18 x 350g

Sweet Street chocolate peanut butter stack pre-cut (75766)

1 x 8pk


According to the Vegan Society over half a million Britons considered themselves Vegan last year, with one in ten having tried a vegan diet, it’s the under 35’s where veganism is most popular. The aspiration for healthier lifestyles as well as ethical reasons is what’s helping drive the vegan market. With the rise in demand, having vegan options on the menu is key to showing your business caters to a broad range of consumers dietary needs.

Click below to view our vegan selection

Vegan recipes and products

Delifrance spelt & quinoa vegan croissant (32253)

56 x 80g

Paramount 21 vegan Penang curry (94074)

12 x 300g

Classic Cuisine coconut & chocolate tart (95620)

1 x 14ptn

Gluten free

Gluten free foods have been consumed for years by people suffering from Coeliac disease. However, the demand for gluten-free menu options has widened beyond medical need to due to food intolerances being more commonly recognised as well as health conscious consumers who are choosing to avoid gluten and it is these consumers who are driving the overall growth in the gluten free market.

As the demand grows it’s important to offer gluten free choices on menus. You can offer naturally gluten free options or explore the range of free from products to offer a gluten free alternative to your existing menu. And remember…it’s usually the people with special dietary requirements who make the choice where to eat, so make sure your menu caters to them.

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Gluten free recipes and products

Quality Cuisine goat's cheese & onion tart (38036)

12 x 100g

Quality Cuisine Wensleydale cheese, roasted leek & clotted cream pastry crown (32466)

12 x 200g

Classic Cuisine chocolate & olive oil cake pre-cut (95636)

1 x 12ptn


With nearly half of consumers either not eating meat, reducing their meat consumption or considering how to reduce the amount of meat they eat, vegetarian options are more important than eve before. Healthy lifestyle is the most common reason for consumers eating less meat, with other reasons including saving money, animal welfare, environmental concerns and food safety. With around 30%* of new menu items now being vegetarian, this staple menu requirement isn’t just about having options, it’s about having variety and choice that will appeal to this growing consumer base. Looking for inspiration? Our tasty range of own brand vegetarian products are ideal for your summer menus.


*M&C Allegra (big hospitality, 2016)

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Vegetarian recipes and products

Kitchen Range super green burger (95647)

24 x 90g

Everyday Favourites noodles & vegetables in coconut & lemongrass sauce (60324)

12 x 350g

The Foodfellas avocado slices (03684)

20 x 500g

Summer drinks

Keep your drinks menu fresh and exciting for summer with a range of alcoholic and soft drink options.

View our summer drinks selection below

Small but perfectly formed (variety of wines)

24 x 187ml

Fiorente elderflower liqueur

6 x 70cl

Diet coke feisty cherry PET (37788)

24 x 500ml

Summer crockery

Refresh your crockery for summer with our Dapple range. Available in white and blue or rustic brown

Dapple plates (variety)

Dapple bowls (variety)

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