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Festive trends for 2017

Your Christmas starts here

Make your menu sparkle!

We are constantly looking at new ways for our customers to grow, develop and evolve their menus and what better way to add a dash of festive spirit to your menu than with our round up of 2017’s key Christmas trends to consider when planning your festive menus.



Free-from products are becoming more important on menus as consumers make choices due to special diet needs or lifestyle choices. We have developed a number of innovative new products to make it easy for you to offer free-from alternatives on to your Christmas menu.

Here’s a teaser of our fantastic gluten-free Christmas products below

All of our Christmas products will be available to order from September onwards!

Everyday Favourites smoked salmon and dill fishcake

Premium Selection brie & beetroot chutney tart in kale pastry

Aulds luxury cherry & almond brownie cake pre-cut

Bellfield brewery bohemian pilsner

Dairy-free desserts

Plant based milk alternatives started the wave of accessible dairy-free products. Since then there are so many amazing products available like these tasty cakes all free-from dairy and perfect for Christmas.

Sidoli alabama fudge cake

Sidoli courgette and avocado cake

Sidoli beetroot chocolate fudge cake



More consumers are choosing vegan food options and we are seeing this continuing to grow. Cover all bases on your Christmas menu by offering a vegan option for your customers like this V-bites pork style & cranberry cocktail sausage rolls. We are excited to be launching a brand new vegan range next year to offer you even more product choices.



Drink it, eat it...

The premiumisation trend continues with the addition of alcohol flavours to add decadence. Add some Christmas sparkle with our fantastic new range of alcohol-infused desserts and starters.

Quality cuisine smoked salmon and prosecco centre parfait

Premium Selection popping peach bellini cheesecake pre-cut

Premium Selection smoked salmon and champagne sauce fishcake

Premium Selection Gin Fizz, Lime and Elderflower cheesecake

Make it sparkle

Christmas is all about indulgence, and the way a product looks and sounds on a menu is just as important as how it tastes. Last year we saw a huge rise in products featuring gold, glitter and sparkle and we predict this year will be even more glitzy.

Kara snowball sparkle cake

Aulds glitzy chocolate orange truffle torte pre-cut

Premium Selection gold truffle torte with liquid caramel centre

Premium Selection golden salted caramel cheesecake pre-cut

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