Christmas drinks

Providing a strong drinks offering for Christmas is such an important part of making your Christmas a successful one, and this year is no exception. With the lack of office parties and larger group celebrations we need to think differently about how to maximise your profit from drinks. But that doesn’t mean people do not want to celebrate. Some people may still want to go out in smaller socially distanced groups to celebrate the festive season. There are also other dayparts to think about, for example Christmas breakfasts, brunches and lunches.

Let’s look into different options and opportunities to help maximise your profits this Christmas from behind the bar.

Christmas hot drinks

Everyone loves a festive hot drink, whether it is to eat in or take out, people do use Christmas as an opportunity to indulge and it is a great way of maximising income as people are willing to spend a bit more money on these festive treats.

This year, with Black+White Coffee Co. we have created three delicious recipes for festive hot drinks that would be easy for you to incorporate into your menu; a gingerbread latté, a minty hot chocolate and a honeycomb latté

But don’t forget the importance of filter coffee and a selection of teas. Filter coffee is affordable, and still a popular option for people that would like a simple black coffee. Don’t forget to upgrade your filter coffee for the festive season by providing a small festive treat like a stolen bite, iced fruit cake bite or mince pie on the side. A nice small gesture that we’re sure customers will notice and appreciate.

Black + White Coffee Co. medium roast filter coffee
Mini stollen bites
We Love Cake mini iced fruitcake bite – gluten free

Christmas wine listings

Wines this year will probably be similar to many Christmases past. Keep your menu simple but effective with a range of entry level, medium and more indulgent options. Unity Wines have a superb range of reds, whites and rosé at all levels. If you want to do something specific for Christmas, you could pair your wines with your food menu, to create more of an ‘event’ style dining experience for customers that may want an extra special festive meal out (even for two) to celebrate coming to the end of 2020!

Farmstead individual turkey paupiette paired with Les Mougeottes Chardonnay

Lemon and vanilla on the nose with a round, fruity body and a hint of vanilla oak character. Has more ripeness than a Macon but more savoury character than a New World, making it ideal by the glass.

Farmstead British beef topside paired with Château Tuilerie des Combes

Some wines have a beat, others are just a melody. This is a symphony. Black cherry, dark chocolate, baked liquorice and just a hint of mint join force to gently coat your senses. Fine dusty tannins and minerally acidity take you to the heart of Bordeaux and back again.

Frozen turkey butterfly paired with Ramon Bilbao Monte Lllano Rioja Blanco

A modern take on white Rioja; unoaked and with bags of lemon and lime fruit. There’s a streak of minerality amongst the ripe orchard and stone fruits for added lift.

Celebration bubbles

Christmas isn’t the same without a few bubbles and our trusty Tosti is back! Available in pink as well as ‘white’ bubbles, this prosecco is a great way to encourage even the smallest groups to celebrate the festive season.

Have you considered Christmas boozy breakfasts and brunches? Often these meal times are naturally enjoyed by smaller groups of people and can help you encourage people to eat and drink at quieter times during the day if they want to avoid the crowds of evenings.

And don’t forget, Tosti also do a smaller individual prosecco bottle if you wanted the option to provide a non-sharing option for customers.

Mulled drinks

Mulled wines and cider are some of the most iconic of the festive drinks. And with events such as Winter Wonderland not happening for 2020, there could be an increase in interest in mulled drinks on pub and restaurant menus so people can enjoy them before the festive season is over.

We have some good quality wines if you like to mull your own wine, including the Mariquita red. Simply add cloves, cinnamon, star anise, clementines and any other secret ingredients and heat as per your mulled wine recipe instructions.

As for mulled cider, another favourite, we’d recommend simply mulling with Bulmers original. Delicious!

For businesses that just want to remove complexity from kitchens, due to lower staffing, we have our Harvest Fruits mulled wine. A ready-made mulled wine that just requires heating and a stick of cinnamon and voila, it’s done. Simple, tasty and effective!

Premium non-alcoholic drinks

Don’t forget about your low and no alcoholic drinkers. Not everyone will be drinking alcohol this Christmas, but they will still want their festive celebration to feel special, and that doesn’t stop with drinks. Offering a selection of premium soft-drinks, non-alcoholic cocktails and low/no alcoholic beers and spirits can really make your drinks menu stand out for those people that cannot or do not want to drink alcohol this Christmas time.

Firefly pomegranate & elderflower
Fentimans traditional ginger beer
Seedlip Grove 42
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