Canapés, buffet and starters


Canapés and buffet

Buffets are a great area of the menu that can be truly bespoke to your business. There is so much to choose from and some really exciting products new to our range this year. Buffets are perfect for catering to larger groups but also a really great way to cater to a variety of dietary requirements. We’ve separated our range into, canapes, finger buffet, fork buffet, meat-free, fish and sweet buffet but many of the products are really versatile and can be used for either buffet type and even starters.

Featured products:


  • Plate 1: NEW pacific west coconut prawn skewers
  • Plate 2: NEW Everyday Favourites cheddar cheese stars
  • Plate 3: NEW Farmstead Christmas on a stick
Don't miss out on these customer favourites

Savoury buffet

Tipiak Parisian bistro canapés

A selection on Parisian inspired bistro canapés; crayfish and beetroot on lemon cake, prawn with sesame on brioche, Brie with roasted fig on beetroot waffle, goat’s cheese and semi dried cherry tomatoes with asparagus on a mini blini, choux pastry with smoke salmon, cheese and trout eggs

Everyday Favourites Indian selection

Hand made Indian snack selection. 20 of each vegetable pakoras, onion bhajis and samosas

Tipiak choux surprise canapés

Four varieties of filled choux pastries assortments; 8 cornté cheese and soft apricot, almonds and pistachio puff pastry, 8 mozzarella cheese, basil and sundried cherry tomato puff pastry, 8 brie cheese, 8 fig and hazelnut puff pastry, 8 blue cheese & pear

Sweet buffet

NEW central foods mini iced fruitcake bites

Wheat, gluten and dairy-free bite-sized rich, moist, fruitcake squares made with sultanas, raisins, glace cherries and dates, all topped with marzipan and white icing

Everyday Favourites white chocolate and mini tiffin bites

Squares of caramel set upon a biscuit base with a white chocolate topping and chocolate squares with crunchy biscuit base and sultanas topped with a chocolate coating*

*two separate products

Tipiak pop éclairs

Mini pop art style èclairs; 6 crème bruléé, 6 lemon curd, 6 raspberry and blackcurrant, 6 chocolate and orange



First impressions count and the starters are usually the first course customers experience and is also one of the courses you can offer a real point of difference. The trend of alcohol infused foods we saw erupt in the desserts range last year is now filtering through into different courses, in particularly starters. Embrace the trend or keep it classic with soups, pates terrines or offer a truly indulgent starter with some of our premium seafood.

Featured products:


  • Plate 1: NEW north coast seafoods raw lobster tails
  • Plate 2: NEW proper pies ale glazed shallot tart tatin
  • Plate 3: NEW north coast seafoods scallop shell with mint pea & chorizo

Terrines and pâté

Quality Cuisine hog roast and apple pâté and liver and candied orange pâté

Individually portioned pâtè made with pork liver, roasted pork and Bramley apple pieces and duck liver and pork with flecks of candied orange pieces*

*two separate products

Everyday Favourites brussels pâté

A smooth brussels pâté combining pork fat and pork liver

Délifrance miniguettes mixed case

The perfect accompaniment to our range of pâtés


Fish and seafood

NEW north coast seafoods raw lobster tails

Canadian pre-cut lobster tails, ready to be cooked

NEW Premium Selection king scallops with chilli butter

Bake in the bag Scottish king scallops in a delicious chilli butter sauce

Young’s fraserburgh smokehouse D-cut scottish smoked salmon

A delicacy and a Christmas favourite for your menu



NEW proper pies ale glazed shallot tart tatin

A light vegetarian option of tart tatin with spitfire ale glazed shallots on top

NEW Premium Selection brie and beetroot chutney tart in gluten free kale pastry

A gluten-free kale pastry encasing brie and sweet beetroot chutney

Quality Cuisine brie and blueberry tart

Somerset brie paired with blueberry chutney


Cheese starters

NEW Quality cuisine gluten free wensleydale cheese, leek & clotted cream pastry with cranberries

Hand crafted gluten-free pastry crown filled with clotted cream and wensleydale cheese sauce topped with roasted leeks and wild cranberries

NEW Quality cuisine breaded goats cheese and beetroot fritters

Layers of goats cheese and beetroot in a crispy beetroot crumb

Premium Selection baked goat’s cheese soufflé

A baked goat’s cheese soufflé topped with braised red cabbage




NEW creamy mushroom and truffle soup

An indulgent blend of mushrooms, chestnuts and creamy mascarpone cheese finished with truffle infused oil

Knorr 100% cream tomato soup

A staple starter for your Christmas menu

NEW butternut squash, chilli and coconut milk soup

A creamy blend of butternut squash, coconut milk with a warm hint of chilli

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