Celebrate veganuary with Garden Gourmet®

Consumer demand for food that’s both good for you and good for the planet is on the rise. With Christmas out of the way, now is a time when consumers will have a renewed focus towards health and wellness. They might be evaluating their health and taking part in ‘Veganuary’ a month of trying a purely plant-based, dairy-free diet. The UK plant-based market is worth £443m¹ and it’s not just a trend, it’s a positive, mainstream lifestyle choice. If you don’t meet the demand for plant-based alternatives, your customers will simply choose to eat or drink somewhere that does.

Serve something incredible

Nestlé Professional’s Garden Gourmet® range of products were developed based on the belief that the more people embrace plant-based food, the better the world will be2. The range has been developed following intensive collaboration between Nestlé Professional food experts and culinary chefs specialised in alternative proteins. By using Nestlé Professional products you know you can be guaranteed quality, versatility, consistency and availability, along with teams committed to making your business a success.

Winning on both taste AND versatility, choose from 3 great GARDEN GOURMET products to create inspiring plant-based meals.

Introducing our versatile range of products

Garden Gourmet® Incredible Burger 1 x 7kg (41098)

The Garden Gourmet Incredible Burger is truly unbelievable. A plant-based burger with a taste that’s hardly different to a beef one and looking like the real thing too, will have both your vegan customers and meat lovers asking for the secret.

Good to know

  • Plant based burger
  • Certified vegan
  • Rich in protein
  • Source of fibre

Garden Gourmet® Incredible Burger supplied as 7kg contains approximately 62 x 113g plant-based burgers.

Garden Gourmet® Mince 2 x 2kg (41111) 

Incredibly versatile and very easy to cook, the Garden Gourmet® Mince is the vegan ingredient you needed in your menu. This meat-free mince is a gorgeous addition to Bolognese sauces and vegan lasagnes. Our mince is made with natural protein from soy and wheat and seasoned with the finest spices, garlic and onions.

Good to know

  • Plant-based mince
  • Vegan
  • Rich in protein
  • A source of fibre

Meat-free mince supplied as 2 x 2kg, each 2kg contains approximately 26 servings of 75g.

Garden Gourmet® Burger Deluxe 2 x 2kg – (41121) 

A tantalising blend of satisfying flavours and amazing texture that will have customers raving on their way home – that’s the Garden Gourmet Burger Deluxe experience. Prepared with care from plant-based ingredients, this vegetarian burger is made with a fine spice mix, creating a wonderful barbecue flavour and an amazing savoury taste that will turn both vegetarians and non-vegetarians into hard-core fans. Get these veggie patties sizzling in the pan and serve them in a roll, with brown rice or a fresh salad. Your customers will be in for a memorable meal.


Good to know

  • Plant based burger
  • Vegetarian
  • Rich in protein
  • A source of fibre

Garden Gourmet® Burger Deluxe supplied as 2 x 2kg, approximately 44 burgers, each 2kg bag contains approximately 22 burgers.

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1Nielsen Scantrack, (2018)

2Source: 3rd party report. Screening Life Cycle Assessment of Garden Gourmet “Cook from Raw” range consumed in Europe and the United States. Critically reviewed study. Sonia Petzold (NPTC Singen) and Namy Espinoza Orias (Nestlé Research).

Disclaimer: The information contained on this page has been provided directly by Nestlé Garden Gourmet and is in no way related to Bidfood UK.

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