Casa De Mare

The lands around the Mediterranean sea are renowned for their rich and vibrant foods and flavours. Casa De Mare offers a variety of products which embody Mediterranean tastes and profiles.


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Casa De Mare sliced green jalapeno peppers 6 x 3kg (08544) and Casa De Mare sliced green jalapeno peppers 6 x 2.27kg (37910)

Green jalapenos are picked early in their ripening process, giving a heat and a fresh, crisp flavour to your dish

Casa De Mare sun-dried tomatoes in oil 6 x 960g (27615)

Hand selected succulent marinated sun-dried tomatoes. Perfect simply tossed in a salad or to enhance a rich tomato sauce

Casa De Mare semi-dried tomatoes in oil 6 x 960g (57014)

Hand selected succulent marinated semi-dried tomatoes. Delicious on their own or as part of an antipasti platter

Casa De Mare pitted black olives 2 x 2.26kg (07630) and Casa De Mare sliced black olives 2 x 2.35kg (70657)

Our olives are plump and juicy and work fantastically in a salad or pasta dish or use as a pizza topper

Casa De Mare pitted green olives 2 x 2.26kg (70659)

Rounded and flavoursome our green pitted olives are perfect for bringing the taste of the Mediterranean to your pasta, pizza and salad

Casa De Mare green pimento stuffed olives 2 x 2.4kg (07629)

Juicy and beautifully tasty our Stuffed olives are perfect for a pre dinner nibble

Casa De Mare artichoke hearts 12 x 396g (36328)

These tender artichoke hearts are perfectly versatile. Use to add flavour to pasta sauces or blend to make a delicious dip for your Mediterranean platter

Casa De Mare capers fines in brine 2 x 2.1kg (07627)

Hand picked capers, full of flavour and perfect for use as an ingredient, seasoning or a garnish

Casa De Mare capers non-pareilles in brine 3 x 975g (89461)

Hand picked delicate non-pareille capers, small, tender and flavoursome perfect for use in condiments, sauces and salads

Casa De Mare medium cous cous 12 x 500g (76659) and Casa De Mare medium cous cous 10 x 1kg (50049)

Light and fluffy in texture, our Casa De Mare cous cous is a popular alternative to rice and pasta

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