Cadbury Ice Cream

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The nations favourite chocolate is now available in ice cream to inspire a little more Cadbury goodness in the world.

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Cadbury Dairy Milk

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Cadbury Darkmilk

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Cadbury Crunchie Blast

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Cadbury Flake 99

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Families are most likely to buy impulse ice cream than any other group1 and Cadbury is perfectly aligned to the family market. Cadbury is the most requested brand in ice cream2, stock up now to make sure you are giving your customers what they want.

Cadbury Flake 99 Cone is the number 1 impulse cone and the 3rd bestselling impulse SKU overall3.

In 2022 we will be investing our biggest ever spend on advertising with an investment of £5.4m

New Cadbury Darkmilk Stick

The new Cadbury Darkmilk stick brings a unique taste and texture experience. An intense darkmilk chocolate coating, creamy ice cream and a hidden darkmilk centre.

Adults in family households are looking for the richer taste that darkmilk provides, and dark chocolate is 1.6x bigger and growing 4x faster than white chocolate4.

Coco Life – 100% sustainably sourced cocoa

Cocoa Life is at the heart of Cadbury, with the ambition to help communities in cocoa regions. From farming techniques, to looking after the environment and supporting the local economy, it supports the community as a whole.

175,000 cocoa farmers have been trained to grow crops in a way that looks after the environment.

10.8m cocoa trees, and 1.4m other trees, have been planted to preserve the land.

Ensures cocoa farmers can earn a better living, meaning better quality of life for their families & communities.

And caring for cocoa growing communities so children can have access to education.

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