The Phat Pasty Co.

The Phat Pasty Co. are proud to present their authentic and delicious products, fun branding and family run values, all rolled into 3 unique concepts.

So, why not bring in some Phat products, supported by the Phat brand, in your business to give customers a delicious and exciting offer? Below we have sneak peeked some of The Phat Pasty Co.’s concepts, but for more information check out our branded solutions brochure.

Option one: It’s a Phat day

The first option that The Phat Pasty Co. are proud to present to you, is their hotplate concept: “It’s a Phat day” or “Phat Friday’s”!

This concept offers operators a fully branded hotplate offer of hand crimped pasties and premium deep filled pies which can either be used on a daily basis as a main meal counter, or the option to have a ‘Phat Friday’.

Option two: Hot to Go

The Phat Pasty Co. is excited to present their “Hot To Go” concept: A range of ‘Made In Cornwall’ products created for a grab & go offer.

Pasties, savoury slices, turnovers, crowns and sausage rolls, providing both a breakfast and lunchtime offer that’s easy to bake off and place on a hotplate or in a heated cabinet.

Option three: Wrapped

The Phat Pasty Co. brings you a range consisting of pasties, sausage rolls and Jamaican jerk patties all packaged in unique ‘heat in pack’ packaging that is 100% biodegradable and plastic free.

This offering is ideal for operations with limited kitchen facilities, low skilled staff, out of hours catering and chilled vending cabinets.

Jamaican jerk


Sausage rolls

The complete package

The Phat Pasty Co have a range of point of sale available with this concept, including:

Postcard product cards
Tent cards
Hotplate signs with allergen information
Mini roller banner
Branded kraft greaseproof bags

They also have top of the range equipment available that will make sure you are servicing up the perfect smoothies, every time!

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