Ice cream will never be the same again!

Everyone loves ice cream, but nobody screams with joy at the cost and complexity of selling a scoop or swirl.

Welcome to fwip, where Italian heritage is met with a modern twist. Blending style and tradition with innovation, the fwip Portobello is the world’s smallest Gelateria.

With the push of a single button, you can now serve your customers with authentic and indulgent gelato ice cream, vegan sorbet or low-fat frozen yogurts at less than 100 calories per serve and all in under 10 seconds.

Feel the sun from both sides and fall in love with fwip. That’s amore!


Italian style and substance made with a delicate and balanced flavour that’s smooth and creamy, delicious and delicate; it’s easy to see what all the fuss is about. Glorious gelato greatness with 30% less fat than ice cream in an instantly spoonable, fluffy featherlight form.


Naturally dairy-free and vegan-friendly, fwip’s sun-filled sorbet is made with real, ripe, and juicy fruit, picked in its prime and squished to perfection. More refreshing than summer rain, fwip’s tropical taste sensations will have you balancing on a tightrope between sweet and sharp and make you want to leave your umbrella indoors.


fwip’s award-winning signature flavour offers the perfect balance of creamy and tangy to make a mouth-watering natural flavour frozen yogurt. Endless refreshment until you hit bottom, fwip can be enjoyed at any time of day: guilt-free at only 2.5g of fat. An age-old secret recipe, it’s the only thing the Spartans and Gladiators agreed on. All part of a balanced fighting diet.

Portobello machine

fwip’s Portobello machine has an eye-catching retro design, mixing classic aesthetics with a modern flair. One button is all it takes for you and your customers to make your own quality frozen yogurt, gelato or sorbet. Over 250 portions per hour, long shelf life and easy to use. fwip up your frozen dessert sales today!

The complete package

fwip offer the full package of point of sale materials to really grab your customers’ attention. From posters to a-boards, they’ve got you covered.

Table talker

Strut card


Cube table talker

fwip flag

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