Big Zero

Big Zero offers a refreshing fruit slush made with 99.9% real fruit juice.

With a free on loan, fully maintained machine to go alongside the fresh tasting slush, they’ve got you covered.

Need a low calorie treat to serve in schools? Big Zero slush can be under 50 calories per 100ml serving.

Need to sneak 1 of your 5 a day into your students? Due to its high fruit concentrate, if you’re serving portions of 150-330ml, your slush will contain 1 of your 5 a day!

The complete package

Big Zero have a range of point of sale available with this concept, including:

A2 promotional posters
A4 tri folding tend cards
Flavour wobblers
Machine labelling and branding
Social media banners

They also have the perfect spin machine and mixing containers with a Big Zero service partnership that makes real sense, providing complete peace of mind and a comprehensive installation, maintenance, service and support package.

Spin machine and mixing containers



Table talkers

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