Ajinomoto is happy to present Gyoza Yatai!

Yatai means ‘night street food stand’ in Japanese, and you would encounter Yatai in Japanese cities where busy workers come for a quick and delicious hot meal.

Ajinomoto have taken this inspiration and have made a practical model to suit the needs of canteens. Their Yatai stalls are easy to build, practical for storage, and create a fun and attractive environment for consumers to experience authentic Japan with their gyoza product range.

Gyoza with a twist!

Try Ajinomoto’s range of traditional and delicious Gyoza with a twist, offering modern yet authentic flavours

Personalised Yatai stalls

Ajinomoto would be happy to really personalise their Yatai stalls by incorporating your logo, should you wish to bring in your personal branding

The complete package

Ajinomoto would love to support you in bringing your offering to life by providing point of sale such as roll up banners, menu signs and posters.

If you want to take it one step further they would be happy to provide themed decoration, whether it’s for a sporting event or simply for a “Japanese” look and feel.

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