Bisto winning ticket

Throughout September and October when you purchase a box of Bisto 1.9kg gravy granules for meat you will have three chances to win £1000 in vouchers. Each tin in September will come in it’s own limited edition Bisto Retro tin. Great for storing your Bisto gravy box, or maybe if you are in a care home you could add it to your memory lane collection. Good Luck in finding a winning ticket.

Bisto is the consumers number 1 favourite gravy*. Our gravy is perfect with every dish, as it allows the flavours of the meat and vegetable to come through. Here are some of the other reasons why caterers and chefs choose Bisto:

  • Each box produces 25l or 538 x 50ml portions.
  • Easy to dose, dissolves directly into boiling water.
  • Thickens instantly – thin to thicken in 3 seconds.
  • Makes up from a ‘still’.
  • Suitable for vegetarians.
  • NEW gluten free variety which is suitable for vegans.

Check out our website for recipe inspiration. Bisto is perfect with your roast dinners, but don’t just stop there, Bisto gravy is perfect partner for many dishes including pies and sausage and mash.

*IRI Grocery Outlets, 52 W/E 27th June 2020

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