Local foodservice provider donates loaves of bread to feed the homeless

Caption: Dave Plumbley, Warehouse Supervisor at Bidvest Foodservice Manchester before donating loaves of bread to Pendleton Church food kitchen

Bidvest Foodservice’s Manchester depot has donated over 140 loaves of bread to the Pendleton Church food kitchen, to feed the homeless.

Paul Barnes, a Warehouse Supervisor at the depot noticed there was an overstock of bread and approached the church to see if there was an opportunity to donate the food so that it wouldn’t go to waste.

Speaking about the donation, Paul said: “From time to time we do have overstocks on products and we never want to see food go to waste.

“With the church being local to us,  it made sense that we contact them and they were delighted to receive the donation. It’s great to hear that the food will be put to good use.”

The local foodservice provider, which supports many charities within the Manchester area, is looking forward to working closely with Pendleton Church food kitchen over the next 12 months to help the homeless by providing food items on a regular basis.

Steve Jones, General Manager at Bidvest Foodservice, Manchester said: “We are always looking at ways to support our local community, and in particular the local charities. It was a fantastic opportunity to donate these loaves of bread to Pendleton Church food kitchen and we are looking forward to being able to offer our help more in the future”

Date posted: 21/02/2017
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