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Wake up and smell the coffee!

Bidvest Foodservice energises beverage market with exclusive Black + White Coffee Co. range

Bidvest Foodservice is launching Black + White Coffee Co., a coffee label designed to fulfil consumers’ caffeine cravings that is exclusive to its customers.

In the UK, consumers drink 2.2 billion cups of coffee a year out of home and this is forecast to grow by 11% by 2020[i]. Over 80% of us visit a coffee shop at least once a week, pushing the demand for good-quality coffee ever higher[ii].

However, good coffee is no longer limited to coffee shops. Consumers today know their flat whites from their lattes, and expect a great coffee offering wherever they are, so for foodservice outlets, being able to offer a wide range of options is key. Delicious, artisan-quality coffee doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult to provide. The aim behind Black + White Coffee Co. is to enable foodservice outlets to deliver the very best coffee experience to their customers at a reasonable price.

The range is carefully selected using the finest beans for a full-bodied and smooth finish.  There are four different blends*, including Fairtrade and single origin options, as well as both dark and medium roasts, and three filter coffee choices available.

Holly Marrero Easson, Brand Controller at Bidvest Foodservice, says: “The UK has increasingly become a nation of coffee lovers and consumers simply expect a great cup of coffee, anytime, anywhere. According to research by Allegra UKup of coffee tastes is the number one factor that influences return visits – sitting above loyalty cards at number two or value for money at number three.

“That’s why quality of taste is at the heart of the Black + White Coffee Co. range – we want to enable our customers to stay ahead of the competition with unrivalled product quality. We wanted to bring something different to the market that is great quality but also at a great price; for example, we have introduced a brand new premium Costa Rican Medium Roast to the range, which is 100% Arabica.”

Packaging is important too. Not only is the packaging designed to ensure the fantastic coffee beans stay fresh and at their best, the contemporary style looks great when stacked on display shelves behind baristas. Alongside the new, premium Black + White Coffee Co. range, Bidvest Foodservice also provides a range of toppings, milk and milk alternatives, syrups and sweeteners, to offer a truly personalised coffee experience.

A full complement of support materials are available for foodservice outlets that choose to carry the Black + White Coffee Co. brand, including branded cups, loyalty cards, posters, swing signs and menus, as well as a full range of catering equipment to suit.

Black + White Coffee Co. can be ordered now via the Bidvest Foodservice website or local depots.

Tea time?

And, with exciting innovation in the tea category, Bidvest Foodservice is also launching The Little Book of Tea.  Filled with insights, products, serving suggestions and recipes to support customers on how they can provide the perfect tea experience.

To fulfil the demand for a broader range of hot beverages on menus, from new flavours such as green, matcha and chia tea to classics such as English breakfast …it’s time to take tea seriously.

*The full range of products are:

  • Costa Rican Medium Roast (100% Arabica, whole bean)
  • Dark Roast (Arabica and Robusta mix, whole bean)
  • Medium Roast (whole bean)
  • Fairtrade Medium Roast (whole bean)
  • Medium Roast Filter Coffee
  • Medium Roast Decaffeinated Filter Coffee
  • Fairtrade Medium Roast Filter Coffee

[i] Allegra UK Retail Coffee Shop Market – Strategic Analysis, December 2015

[ii] Allegra UK Retail Coffee Shop Market – Strategic Analysis, December 2015

Date posted: 07/02/2017
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