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Nutrition and Hydration week – hydration help

Bidvest has launched ‘hydration help’ for the care sector, to assist the one in five elderly residents who don’t get enough fluids.

With one in five elderly people living in care not getting enough fluids, and those with dementia six times more likely to be dehydrated[1], the subject of hydration has never been more poignant for the care sector.

Marking Nutrition and Hydration Week (14th-20th March), Bidvest Foodservice is launching a host of ‘hydration help’ resources to help care homes ensure their residents are getting the fluids they need.

With support ranging from tips on drinking aids and tableware for residents with dementia to advice on how to stay hydrated through the day, Bidvest Foodservice will send ‘hydration help packs’ to all the homes they work with, as well as featuring information, hints and tips on our website.

To help homes support the NACC’s attempt to hold the World’s Largest Afternoon Tea on 16 March, we will also be offering a range of afternoon tea recipes for customers.

“For Care Homes, ensuring elderly residents stay well hydrated can often be a challenge” said Vicky Mogford, Healthcare Marketing Manager at Bidvest Foodservice. “Nutrition and Hydration Week is a valuable opportunity for homes to consider ways in which they can help residents take in enough fluids, especially those living with dementia, who are particularly vulnerable to dehydration.

“We hope our advice will help care homes overcome some of the hydration hurdles they may be facing. For example, it’s important to remember that foods such as soups, stews, fruit, vegetables and yoghurt are a good source of fluids, and residents should be checked for early signs of dehydration so that the problem can be addressed before it worsens.”

[1] Figures presented at Royal Society of Medicine conference, December 2014

Date posted: 01/03/2016
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